Electric drives and components for window controls and industrial applications

In our shop you will find electric drives and components for window controls.
We offer standard products from Mingardi, but also our own industrial drives of
our house brand DRFA.

Spindle drives
The products of DRFA are offered in a range of stroke lengths 30-500mm,
force 600 N and can be specially adapted to your requirements on
can be specially adapted to your requirements on request.
With our own products, special emphasis is placed on sustainability.
Our drive is maintenance-free and can be checked and, if necessary,
repaired in the factory if necessary. From the company Mingardi you will receive
the available products.
Chain drives
Here we offer you the standard product range of the company Mingardi.

With the products of the company Mingardi please note that here a
product replacement is taking place, and alternatives are offered for a large
number of drives for products that are no longer available.

Are you looking for a replacement for an existing drive ?
Just have a look on our page: Type designations.